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Batik of Solo

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Batik is a masterpiece of a fine art that abstractly has philosophy within, yet has a character that showing the culture of Indonesia. As an icon of culture, Batik is a local genius that has a great historical value. Hopefully “ Solo “ as the city of Batik would be able to maintain its heritage and keep the existence of traditional art.

" batik " drawing with wax

In the mission of introducing Batik to the world, one of the Guide of Solo ( Mr. Ajib ) has made a great deal with one of Batik owner of Kauman ( Mr. Gunawan Setiawan ) to make a little space of his workshop to be a class of learning Batik. Gunawan Batik has opened his dor for this special ocassion by providing a Batik course both for introduction class or longitudinal course until advance level.
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