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City Tours

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We provide tours to get to know more about the city by organizing some interesting city tours iteneraries.


  1. Solo's Historical City Tour
A sight seeing tour which would be combined with some short visit to historical civilization, is available to welcome your special occation of history by visiting :
  • Sunan Palace and the Grand Mosque
  • Mangkunegaran Palace & Antique Market
  • Pasar Gedhe ( oldest Market in Solo ) & old china town
  • sight seeing city tour to see Thomas Carsten's ( dutch Architech)'s Masterpiece

Services available :

  • Guide Service is available with IDR 150.000 for full day tour
  • Car rental is IDR 500.000,- aproximately for full day city tour
  • donation for all visit / persons is less than IDR 50.000,-

Solo's Art & Culture City Tour


As the spirit of Java, Solo has been the center of traditional culture and arts, which is prooven by the existance of some traditional activities in producing some arts work and handycraft such as Keris & Batik. for those reason we providing tour to explore the hidden cultural treasure which are located somewhere in this city by visiting :
  • Mpu ( keris making expert ) Mr. Daliman & and his home Industry
  • Performing Arts of traditional music and dancing at SMKI ( school of traditional art ) 
  • Risang Aji Glass Carving home Industry ( located at the first Prince's house )
  • Leather Pupet and Gamelan Making, comebined with gymstone market
  • Batik Process and factory outlet at the Batik Village of Kauman

services available :

  • Guide Service is IDR 150.000 for 1 day tour
  • Rent Car is IDR 500.000 for 1 day tour ( including driver & fuel )
  • Entrance fee is only SMKI with IDR 15.000/person