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Our Experience of trekking has been unquestionable, and we aim to create the joy during the soft or hard trekking for your satisfaction


Cetho - Sukuh Temple - Tawangmangu Waterfall Trekking

Around 40 KMs away to the East of Solo at the western slope of mount Lawu on the altitude of 1400 Ms above Sea levels , lays two famous temple of Central Java that stand as the last civilization of the great Majapahit Kingdom, supported by beautiful view of the mountain roads, treks and waterfall, we are looking forward to your joining to our soft trekking tour programs with following itineraries : (1) drive from your hotel to Cetho temple to see the Hindu temple that was built in the last period of Majapahit Kingdom (2) 3 hours walk from cetho to Sukuh temple , then proceed to Sukuh Cottage and stay overnight. (3) visit Sukuh Temple to see the javanese hindu temple that was built by the javanese people in the Islam period. (4) 2 hours of walking to the waterfall passing the mountain trek supported by beautiful view of green hills and clean river of the mountain slope.





guide fee for Cetho to the camping ground is IDR 250.000,-

guide fee for Sukuh to the Waterfall is IDR 250.000,-

transportation /day is IDR 600.000,-

public transport is available with IDR 450.000  for the round trip solo to cetho ---- to solo

Hotel ( the best ) in Sukuh cottage would cost IDR 350.000,-/night

, breakfast, bath room inside, and hot water are included

is it complicated ?, I'll make it easy for you ...!!!

total cost of 2 days trekking tour with the private car is IDR 2.500.000,- for 2 person ( covering transport, guide, and hotel, but entrance fee are not included )

total cost of 2 days trekking tour with the public transport is IDR 1.500.000,- for 2 person ( covering transport, guide, entrance fee acomodation & breakfast. other meal and personal expense are not included )

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